John Jeffreys – 30 Years of Providing Taxation Advice


John Jeffreys, Chartered Tax Adviser  Chartered Accountant

With a long tax advisory career spanning 30 years, including being a tax partner at two large firms, John Jeffreys observed the difficulties that accountants and lawyers in small to medium sized firms have dealing with the Australian taxation system.  John concluded that the two main issues facing these professionals in relation to the tax system are:

  1. Learning tax principles so that they are understood and remembered.
  2. Having someone to turn to when they get a tax problem they are unsure about.

The TaxCaseStudies business was created to meet these two needs.

Learning Tax and Superannuation

It became clear to John that the training for accountants and lawyers currently available is not suited to the range of learning styles typically found in a room full of unique individuals. Tax training desperately needed to enter the 21st century.  He began creating some unique tax and superannuation learning products.  The “flagship” product is the TaxCaseStudies movies.

John has, at present, created about 60 TaxCaseStudies movies.  These movies start by setting out the facts of a (usually) real life scenario and then asks questions about the tax and/or superannuation implications of the situation.  The movie can be paused at this time for you to consider the answers to the questions.  In the second part, John explains the technical issues using diagrams and other learning aids.  The movies have high quality sound and vision as they are created using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Audition.

Over the past years, John has used these movies in face-to-face presentations at TaxCaseStudies seminars in Melbourne.  Soon you will be able to subscribe to this website and be able to view all of the movies as well as other resources to help you in practice.  These resources are being continually added to.

John also conducts webinars in a different and engaging way that you will, very likely, not have experienced before.  These webinars are exceptionally good value and are created with clear learning objectives.  Please see the webinars page for more information.

Advising Clients

John also saw that many professionals giving advice to clients often needed a skilled tax professional to support them in this process.  It is just not possible for the vast majority of tax professional in small and medium sized firms to be able to have complete and confident coverage of all tax material.  John understands this and that you, as you advise clients, need someone to professionally “watch your back” with complex or unusual matters.  If you are interested in the services John can provide please see the consulting page.

John’s Career

John, a Chartered Tax Adviser and Chartered Accountant, first started his career with Arthur Andersen, and became a tax manager before moving on to Deloitte. At Deloitte he became National Tax Technical Director and then partner of the firm before heading up the tax group in the Adelaide office. John developed a strong reputation as a tax specialist.

Subsequent positions as a tax partner at Pitcher Partners and Cummings Flavel McCormack saw John at the forefront of taxation, training for accountants and presentations.

As a taxation consultant he has been reported in the media on numerous occasions and interviewed on radio. His wide experience with tax consulting, tax training and media commentary has placed him in a unique position to create Tax Case Studies, a brand new approach to tax training.

Although a taxation expert, John is also well versed in business improvement methods, valuations, personnel issues, the Microsoft Office products, the Adobe Creative Suite and other skills.  This breadth of experience results in well-rounded, practical tax advice for accountants and lawyers.

The Clients of TaxCaseStudies

TaxCaseStudies does not engage in tax compliance tasks such as lodging tax returns, Business Activity Statements and so forth.  The business is wholly focused on supporting accountants and lawyers in public practice in relation to the tax and superannuation systems.  TaxCaseStudies does not have, and does not seek to have, clients from the business community.  Our clients are accountants and lawyers only.